First four hours £125

New driver offer - First four hours only £125!

Take advantage of our new driver offer, consisting of two lessons each lasting two hours, for only £125! During this time we do all that we can to not only get you driving, but feeling comfortable behind the wheel.

Here at Able 2 Drive we understand every driver is different and we will always tailor our lessons to your individual skills. Our typical new driver offer will cover everything from an introduction to the car and basic controls through to having you driving for most of the lesson on all types of roads and feeling comfortable behind the wheel.

What Rachel Thought

I was recommended to Able 2 Drive by quite a lot of my friends, and all of them said how good it was! As soon as I turned 17, I couldn't wait to start learning how to drive, and I had my first 2 hours on my birthday with Ben. I was really nervous as I felt like I didn't have any clue at all, but still so excited! Ben showed me all the different gears and how and when to use my clutch, accelerator and brake. The first 2 hours I had, I accomplished more than I expected because I didn't even expect to be driving on my first lesson at all, so I couldn't believe how quick it all was! After enjoying my first 2 hours, I couldn't wait for my next lesson already! Even though I was really nervous, Ben helped me with my nerves and made me feel so comfortable. He's a really good driving instructor, as he's got such good patience, but also good to have a laugh with as well.

The second 2 hours went even better, as we drove even further onto main roads, which gave me even more experience. I would definitely recommend Able 2 Drive to anyone who is looking for a driving instructor, because I'm sure they'll enjoy it just as much as I do! The first 4 hours is definitely worth the money, and you release you learn a lot more than you think you would!

I'm so glad I decided to learn with Able 2 Drive, and it's definitely worth trying out!


What George Thought

I paid £60 for the first four hours of driving in two 2-hour slots. Before my first lesson I was extremely nervous but Ben took me to a quiet estate and explained the basics of driving a car. I soon got into the drivers seat and was able to change gears and go round a roundabout a few times to improve my confidence. I also learned how to stop the car, use my mirrors and use the handbrake. I then was able to drive for 30 minutes back to my house. I always felt 100% safe knowing that Ben was there to step in if I needed help and he was extremely friendly and relaxed.

In the second two hours I was able to drive on main roads, country roads and through small villages which gave me a great experience of driving on a variety of roads. I drove for the full two hours and Ben's instructions were very clear and always made me feel safe. If ever I did something wrong Ben would explain clearly where the mistake was so that I could improve but he always remained calm and positive.

Overall, the first four hours really helped me to start learning to drive and I would highly recommend Able 2 Drive as it is great value for money and Ben is very friendly and lets you get lots of hands-on experience in driving.


What Connie-Ann Thought

I took the first 2 hours of the £60 deal with Ben. Ben drove me out to a quiet street where he put me in the driving seat. I was very nervous at first but soon got the hang of it with his help and loved it. There was no sitting around, just driving.

I felt more confident the second time around, he taught me how to change gears better and how to set off at traffic lights, when on and off the handbrake.

Ben was always relaxed and made me feel confident. In the second two hours, he took me to the next level on the main road, taking me for a long drive. I truly loved it and felt free! Ben is a brilliant instructor and I would totally recommend Able 2 Drive to all my friends that want to learn how to drive. Worth the money 100%.

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